Foxfeet is a guiding non-for profit fashion agency and online store, established under The Colosoul Group Inc. Created and run by young volunteers, Foxfeet consists of a carefully selected creative team, made up solely of young professionals, scholarly trained in a variety of fields. Individuals specialise in business and marketing, public relations, fine arts, graphic design, illustration, fashion and photography.

Our focus is to offer cost effective agency services and events management to aspiring West Australian designers, as well as provide industry mentoring and professional guidance. We strive to prepare WA designers with the skills they need to become both successful and sustainable within the fashion industry.

FoxFeet offers a range of services to its ‘cubs’ including media releases, events planning, manufacturing and dispatch, photo shoots and web design. Foxfeet’s market events, pop up stores and online boutique offer a platform for designers to showcase their work and generate profit. In addition, it offers an opportunity for young marketing and P.R. professionals to play an active role in running a fashion agency, giving them the opportunity to learn and advance.

Fox Feet Services
Professional Guidance & Business Mentoring
Manufacture & Dispatch Assistance
Events Management
Marketing & PR
Logos & Branding
Print Promotion, Press Releases & Advertorials
Look Books & Photoshoots
PLUS - Fashion Shows, Market Events, Pop Up Stores, Retailer Walk throughs

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